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Meet Joy Rahat. Photographer and Owner of All About Emotions. Before Joy was able to live out her passion and creativity through her work, she walked a long journey to discover it.

Joy grew up in a village in Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia. Once older, she moved to a bigger city not fully sure of what she wanted, but knew that education meant freedom. Her parents are doctors, so they wanted her to be a doctor, but Joy felt the desire to be creative. Her parents did not feel that was a good idea yet gave her other suggestions. At this point there had not been one person in her family that pursued creative work.

Joy decided to do Public Administration. Management was part of the job, so that was interesting to Joy at the time. In time Joy became bored with her job. There was a sense of feeling like she was in a frame and she didn’t like that feeling. Joy moved into another position in Marketing/Advertising which opened up the door for her to being creative. What she came quickly to realize was the work she was doing reflected other people’s ideas and not hers, and that was what she was in search for. Most of the work was “planned,” project after project.

It was at this point in her life that her sister invited her to get her Master’s in the US. With no plan Joy suddenly received her green card and had 6 months to make the decision to stay or go. Joy knew this was the opportunity to start her dream. It could be her vision and her voice.

With her husband and son they left for the US. They left behind family, friends and jobs to come to US. They did not know what they would do. When listening to Joy’s story and hearing how they came to the US with a lot of uncertainty, all I could think was how remarkable her strength was to leave all she had ever known to come to a completely new country with no close family around, no friends and no job. That speaks volumes of seeing the strength in your own abilities. You should never underestimate your own resilience!

What I found to be fascinating was when she said to me that this was allowing her the time to really focus on her passion. In what I would think to be complete chaos because of the huge change, came Joy’s passion: Photography.

I asked Joy, why Photography. To create, have freedom, and for it to be her vision. To Joy, photography is not just about a picture; it is an experience, and photography allows her to be able to express herself through her work.

I asked Joy what this transition meant to her, and her remarkable response was that going through the uncertainty gave her the understanding of what makes you happy.

Going through the uncertainty gives you the understanding of what makes you happy.

I also asked Joy what she thought was her biggest lesson to date, and her response was being true to yourself and to always try to be clear on your position. I found her response to be spot on, not just for personal life but for business as well.

Joy’s strength has contributed I believe to her successful photography business where she helps her clients with their Visual Brand Identity. She creates unique concepts to tell their stories through a series of personal branding portraits and videos.

Quote from Joy:

Exist in photographs for your children, yourself, and for the people who love you.

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