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Remarkable Women Podcast – Catenya McHenry


Catenya McHenry is a Remarkable Woman born and raised in LA, and working in LA and Alabama. She is a Lifestyle TV host and producer, in addition to being an entrepreneur, inventor, and managing editor at Catenya.com. She is a single mom of three kids, and they stay active as a family, running, traveling, and growing her brand, SoleMate Sox.

I was so inspired listening to Catenya share about her career, especially as she told of her journey away from Broadcast news and into Lifestyle Television as well as the challenges she has overcome in creating her Sock Company. She gets to do what she loves now. “I get to tell the stories I want to tell,” she says. She loves highlighting those human-interest stories that don’t typically garner as much attention and especially sharing about real women doing phenomenal things.

Having a great idea is one thing, but watching that idea become a reality takes so much passion and motivation to push through all the inherent obstacles. Catenya learned how to turn an idea – lost socks! –  into an ingenious invention – magnetic socks that stay together in the wash! – into a product she has taken to market – SoleMate Sox. While listening to her share her story, it was apparent that she learned to “Just Keep Going” to make it happen, in spite of all the challenges. I completely resonated!

Catenya’s advice is important for any women trying to do something new or go after a big vision or dream: Decide whether or not you are passionate about that effort. Then if you are, pursue it. It doesn’t matter what people say or think. At the end of the day, nothing will matter unless you have passion for it. Passion is the real fuel that will drive you towards the goal!

Catenya draws much of her inspiration from nature. Even when she is working and just needs a quick break, she will go outside for renewed energy. She also recommends that we as women step back and really make time to know what we love and to do those things. A favorite book she recommends is A Curious Mind, The Secret To A Bigger Life by Brian Grazer.

There are many things in the works for Catenya – a cooking show, a lifestyle show, a new book, and a new line of performance socks and kids socks, SoleMate Mini’s. This woman is full of passion and energy! You can keep up with all her new ventures and also find great style ideas at Catenya.com which also links to all her her social media profiles.

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