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Remarkable Women Podcast: Celia Berk

The most successful people, and I think the happiest people professionally are innately curious.Celia Berk

Celia BurkeCelia Berk is a Remarkable Woman born and raised in New York, presently residing in Gramercy Park, the neighborhood in the middle of Manhattan with its own private park. Celia has always held a deep love for the City, its people, and the arts.

She has enjoyed a very successful career, currently serving as Chief Talent Officer at Young & Rubicam Group by day and as an award-winning singer by night.

I enjoyed getting to know Celia and hearing how her professional journey evolved. She is a very sharp, talented individual, so it is no wonder that she was able to climb the corporate ladder easily. But what stood out to me was how she was able to pursue her other artistic dreams simultaneously, waiting for the right opportunity to present itself. Many times in life, we feel like we have to put certain dreams on hold. However, Celia reminded me that we can always do something, however small to keep them alive.

Today, Celia manages a full life of corporate days and performance nights, as well as regular involvement with various philanthropic organizations. She enjoys it all, but I love how she said that whenever she hits a wall, she reminds herself that these are just “high-class problems.” It’s a privilege to enjoy such success and acclaim, and any effort involved to achieve and maintain it is worth it!

Professionally, Celia has journeyed through the various challenges that women have faced in the corporate sphere. If this is your world, you will appreciate her advice as you listen to this Podcast. She’s keen to the reality of the nature of work today and how to be intentional about your own growth and advancement.

The nature of work is changing. Pay attention and flex to different styles. Be yourself. There is no need trying to “be a man” because you are in a man’s world. But pay attention to the people you admire (male or female) and try to decode why they are effective.


Listen also for her biggest pet peeve with women – this advice will aid as well!

Artistically, Celia has just released her second album as a “love-letter” to New York! You can find her in April at the Metropolitan Room for four shows as she promotes her album and delights audiences alike.

Connect with Celia

Website: Gramercy Nightingale
LinkedIn: Celia Berk
Twitter: @CeliaBerkMusic
Facebook: Celia Berk Music
Instagram: CeliaBerkMusic

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