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Remarkable Women Podcast: My-Cherie Haley

my-cherieMy-Cherie is a Remarkable Woman from Austin, TX. She owns a Talent Consulting Agency that focuses on helping children and teens enter the modeling and acting world successfully. She coaches parents and youth through the entire process of photo shoots and auditions, connecting them with a variety of opportunities. My-Cherie is a professional model herself and has had many years of experience in that world. To top it off, she is a mom of two adorable children and is currently earning a degree at St. Edwards University in Austin.

She is a person full of inspiration and joy, and I resonated with her in so many ways. She seeks to live each day fully and bring her best to all she meets. Listen in as My-Cherie shares about her motivation for her career pursuits. We both have a very strong passion for inspiring children, and especially young women to pursue great things by trying to be a great example for them.

During our interview, My-Cherie shares about a variety of challenges she’s faced throughout her career and the insights she has gained from acknowledging the different seasons and stages of life. She’s real, and I appreciated that greatly.

My-Cherie is full of success tips, both personal and professional. It was fun to discover how similarly we both felt about a special, “alone-time” ritual!

There are so many things that My-Cherie is passionate about, and it will be interesting to see where her talents lead, but she is trusting that after she finishes her degree, it will become more and more clear. It could be filled with public speaking or consulting other women around health and exercise, but only time will tell!

Connect With My-Cherie

You can keep tabs on her though, at:

Website: mycheriehaley.com
Twitter: @mycheriehaley
Linked In: MyCherie

Favorite Resources

And two of her favorite resources include:

Betsy Dewey – Betsy’s blog holds a wealth of information around natural living, from diet and health to homeschooling and parenting.
Medicine Kid and Barefoot Sanctuary – Jada has created an herbal immune support product to help kids and families stay healthy in addition to her Yoga Business at Barefoot Sanctuary.

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