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Remarkable Women Podcast: Christina Ortiz

When you’re good, you’re world’s good, so take care of yourself. When you’re in your flow, everything else seems to fall into place after that.

christina ortiz

Christina Ortiz is a Remarkable Woman, born and raised in Connecticut. She is married with two children, and works both in her family’s jewelry store as well as in her own business as a Holistic Health Coach.

I enjoyed connecting with Christina and found that we resonated strongly about many things such as working with family and also really making it a priority to take care of yourself.

It’s amazing how many times, our challenges in life end up being the things that shape us most and what we become most passionate about. As you listen to this podcast, you will hear Christina share how her journey with infertility led her to a renewed focus on her health. This is what also inspired her to become a holistic health coach, working especially with women with similar journeys.

Christina is a very positive, uplifting person and encourages us all to live eyes wide open to the many opportunities out there for us each day. I love how she chooses to intentionally see them, express gratitude for them, and expect more to come.

Favorite Resources:

GabbyB.TV – Great source of inspiration and practical information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle
Tip Hero – Helps with recipes and meal planning for the family
David Wolf – Eccentric, interesting info on all areas of our health

Connect with Christina

Email: healthcoachchristinaortiz at gmail.com
Facebook: Christina Ortiz Health Coach

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