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Remarkable Women Podcast – Dr. Marwa Abdelbary


dr-marwaDr. Marwa Abdelbary is a Remarkable Woman from New Jersey. She is co-founder of Tiny Tots Therapy which partners with schools and educators throughout the state to offer allied health care services for kids with special needs. She is a mom of three young kids and is an East-Meets-West kind of woman, being born in the United States to Egyptian immigrant parents.

I thoroughly enjoyed our Podcast and left completely inspired by Dr. Marwa’s passion, conviction and journey. I loved hearing the story of how she and her co-founder saw a need and acted on it. Previously working in the school system, they felt that therapists could be better supported in order to offer more expertise to children and schools. They started Tiny Tots and now have 75+ therapists working for them, offering them the training and support they need to best serve the children and families in New Jersey.

Dr. Marwa cares about many things, personally and professionally. She seeks to bridge the cultural gaps between East and West and focuses on the similarities between the two. She works hard to help parents understand how to really be the best advocate for their child in meeting their educational needs. As a parent herself, she has a newfound genuine conviction about this.

My favorite part of our interview was hearing how Dr. Marwa has recently overcome an ongoing challenge. You will have to listen to her share about how she has come to “own her expertise” and gain that confidence necessary to lead a room full of educational administrators or decision-makers who are typically predominantly “alpha male.” She’s gained some key insights about the way many women are wired to need positive feedback or to shoulder the nurturing burden, but in certain situations, if we can divert those patterns, we can gain much freedom and confidence.

And I will always remember the piece of advice she shared with us:

Three words: Brush It Off.

Chalk it up to a bad day, a bad meeting, a learning experience. But don’t let it linger. The more it lingers, the deeper it gets. Quickly recover, so you can move on and grow from it.

I’m excited to see what the future holds for Dr. Marwa. She is leaning in to really align her talents and passions with the biggest impact she can make in this world. Keep an eye on her. You can visit her company site at tinytotstherapy.com, connect with her on LinkedIn or email her directly at drmarwaabdelbary at gmail.com

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