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Eileen Scully is a Remarkable Woman living on the beautiful and peaceful Cape Cod, MA. She is the founder of The Rising Tides, a global consulting firm focused on making the workplace a better environment for women. She is also the publisher of 52feminists.com, a website that features first person narratives from people all over the world who identify as feminists.

We had a wonderful conversation about Eileen’s career journey and the many things she is most passionate about. She has had an extensive career in technology, research, and advisory services and has been able to channel her experience into this new business, helping organizations around the world address relationships among women and helping women accelerate each other’s careers.

There has always been an undercurrent of philanthropy in Eileen’s career, but now that her daughter is grown and flown, she has been able to spend much more time working with foundations she finds rewarding. Since 2010, she’s proudly served on the board of directors for the Get In Touch Foundation which provides free breast health education to girls around the world. This organization is now in all 50 states and growing globally! We spoke about the challenges that all non-profits face, but I was so proud to hear how this one successfully overcame a “passing-of-the-baton” in leadership and continues to thrive.

One of my favorite parts of our interview was hearing Eileen share about the difference between advocate and mentor. A slight nuance, but an entirely different mindshift. Advocates allow for a two way conversation whereas mentors are usually a one-way-street. Eileen recommends that all women seek out a team of advocates whom you trust and respect and who will be brutally honest with you and share helpful feedback. Look outside your own workplace or field. Intentionally nurture and build these relationships well.

It was this team of advocates that has proved most valuable to Eileen as she launched The Rising Tides and also the biggest piece of advice she offers as a success tip. This team can serve as a personal “board of directors.” They will likely be the ones to share new opportunities or connections before you’d hear otherwise.

52feminists.com is a resource Eileen would love to share with others. It’s an inspiring place to read the stories of feminists from all eras and walks of life. A new story is featured each week.

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