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Janice Copeland is a Remarkable Woman from Stephens City, VA. She is currently a Realtor and Managing Agent for the Jan & Dan Team, but had previously spent twelve years working in the Telecom Industry as the Senior Director of the Northeast Region of ATT Wireless. After having two children and spending some time as a business coach to women, her husband suggested she consider going into Real Estate, and it ended up being a wonderful fit for her talents and goals around freedom and flexibility.

I have known Janice for years and can speak to her excellence and passion as a professional woman. During our interview, she shares what is most important to her aside from typical things like her career and family. She says that she is a “Born Encourager” and tells us how she lives that out in helping others, especially women.

I loved hearing Janice share about a particular challenge in her life when working in the Corporate world. She was very confident and savvy when dealing with some of the inequitable “norms” that often go unchecked among men. Listen to how she used an afternoon of shopping to make her point.

Janice is passionate about the importance of “Guarding Your Mind.” She knows how much positive thoughts and beliefs affect our success and encourages her team and other colleagues to stay focused on the good and what’s most important in life.

Some of her favorite resources include books like The Sell by Frederik Eklund and The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale which follow along those themes of belief and action.

Janice is busy growing her business and is in the process of adding a Staging Arm to help service her team and others in the area with design needs, which she has also always naturally loved.

Contact Janice

You can find Janice all over the web. Feel free to reach out and connect with her via:

Website: JanandDanTeam.com

Facebook: jananddanteam

YouTube: JanAndDanTeam 

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