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Remarkable Women Podcast: Kelly Clark

kelly clarkI really enjoyed getting to meet with entrepreneur and homeschool mom, Kelly Clark. She is a remarkable woman who is passionate about inspiring people and organizing events that catalyze growth and impact. She believes we should all be learning and growing to strive and do new things.

Kelly shares about her journey in starting two businesses: Exploring Families, coordinating field trips for families and Events on Fire, coordinating events and conferences for Entrepreneurs.

I loved hearing her share especially about the “growth mindset,” as discussed in Mindset by Carol Dweck. It is something I personally believe in strongly. Kelly shares how many of us, even as adults can get stuck in a “fixed mindset,” not allowing ourselves to be open to challenges. It’s important as women – both for ourselves and for our children – that we understand the power of a growth mindset so that we can step into big things. She uses ideas learned from the book, The Miracle Morning to prioritize important habits.

It was neat to hear about how Kelly used a challenge in her own business to grow and publish her first eBook! Today you can find her in Spokane, WA working on many projects, including TedX – another personal favorite of mine!

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