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Remarkable Women Podcast – Kristen Ford


kristen-fordKristen Ford is a Remarkable Woman who recently moved to San Diego from New Jersey. She is the CEO at Insight Data Solutions, which specializes in solving big data business challenges for their clients with their own team of data engineers and data scientists.

Kristen loves her family and seeks to be very involved in her community. As a Rotarian, she supports and participates in projects around homelessness, affordable housing, and health-care initiatives around the world. She also has a neat passion for finding ways to offer under-privileged youth educational opportunities in technology, especially with coding and computer science.

During our interview, Kristen shares about a few challenges she has faced as a business owner. We spoke about the importance of having a partner who aligns with your goals and values and who maintains high standards of mutual respect.

Throughout her career, she’s seen many people seek to climb the corporate ladder and sometimes make compromises in exchange for opportunities. She reminds us, and especially younger women to always stay strong in integrity and inner values. Those things actually allow you future opportunities for the right reasons because others know and trust your character.

Kristen has taken the opportunity of their recent move to San Diego to rebrand their company, adding a special analytics piece to their service offerings in order to really help clients make data-driven decisions. She is also looking to develop a data analysis product that can be readily available to purchase versus customized solutions. I love hearing her desire to also create a program to help train under-privileged youth to learn more about analytics and the back-end of big data.

Kristen is full of resources to share, but The Power of Habit by Charles DuHigg is a fascinating book she has read recently that has shaped her thinking.

Kristen is active on LinkedIn and would love to connect with any women on that platform.


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