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Lindsay Eland is a Remarkable Woman from Breckenridge, CO. She is a mom of 4 kids and has 4 dogs and 4 lizards living in their mountain home now! She is a Yoga instructor, animal lover, and a published author of 3 books for Middle Grade Readers (ages 9-12). Her zest for life is evident and contagious! I was honored to interview her.

You will hear her heart and passion come through as she shares about her decision to write for children in that transition phase to the teenage years. She is intrigued by that stage of life and enjoys speaking courage, humor, and kindness into their lives through story.

The life of an author is inherently challenging, and Lindsay is keen to the risk of putting herself out there and feeling that sting of rejection – from either publishers or reviewers. She shares about how she overcomes that daily challenge. I completely resonated with her focus and passion. She genuinely loves what she does, is determined to go after her dreams and has seen the reward of that belief.

Her advice for women was along those lines. Hear her passion as she reminds us to “Never, ever give up!” Ever.

I’ve always been curious as to where authors get ideas for their stories, and so during our interview, I was able to ask Lindsay! Her answer made me want to live life as an author – eyes wide open, observing and paying close attention to all the little details that most of us miss in the daily grind.

If you have children in those Middle Grade years, you do not want to miss her novels. Your children will fall in love with the characters and resonate with the plot. You can find them all on Amazon:

And you can read more about Lindsay, follow her blog and contact her from her website at

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