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Remarkable Women Podcast – Neena Jhaveri


neena Neena Jhaveri is a Remarkable Woman from Virginia. She is an artist, potter, and designer, and a wife and mother to two grown-up children.

Neena has been following her passion since she was five years old. I was impressed at how from such a young age, she knew what she loved, and she had the belief to go after it with a beautiful focus. As she grew, she competed in art contests, took art lessons, and drew and painted as often as she was able. She was fortunate to have very supportive parents. As you listen to this podcast, you will appreciate her encouragement to follow your inner guidance. In doing so, life and career become one thing.

Neena is very clear on what is most important to her, one main thing I completely resonated with being “meaningful connections.” We both seek out those rich conversations where you can lock eyes and be real, with no pretension or judgment. Those types of friendships sustain time and distance.

She reminded me that we can learn from each person we meet and be eager and excited to see who will be crossing our path each day.

I loved hearing Neena’s tenacity as she shared the challenges along her journey to becoming an artist. I wish everyone was so fortunate to have such leadership and support from their parents.

We conclude our Podcast with one Success Tip and one Wish to Change the World. Listen in through the end to hear her insight and desire.

I have to say that I was honored to be able to visit Neena’s studio showroom and meet her in person. It was a wonderful time of genuine connection. For those who cannot visit her personally in Virginia, be sure to follow her Instagram account or shop from her online store for all sorts of beautiful artwork. Just seeing all her colorful work always makes me happy and leaves me inspired for the day ahead!

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