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Remarkable Women Podcast – Ria Story

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unnamedRia Story is a Remarkable Woman living near Atlanta, GA. She and her husband are Motivational Speakers and love helping people learn how to communicate and influence others best.

I thoroughly enjoyed our interview, taking away many quotes and nuggets of wisdom. Even just hearing the incredible story of her own personal journey was inspiring. Ria tells of the great courage required to overcome her own fear in sharing about her painful past. But now she can genuinely help others be brave and share their own stories as well. As Less Brown told her, “You have a story to tell, and someone needs to hear your story because only you can help that person.”

Ria is passionate about helping others see and understand the potential they all have inside of them. We all have positions of influence, whether it is in our family, workplace, or social circles. Ria helps people learn different skills in how to gain more influence and use it for the most impact.

Listen in to our Podcast as Ria shares about her greatest challenge actually being just learning to communicate in general. She came to realize that she could be “that” person who started conversations and shared information effectively. I loved hearing about her biggest cheerleader in life.

One of my favorite parts of our conversation was talking about authenticity. We both agreed that it is most freeing to be honest with ourselves and others about our mistakes. Ria shared how that even helps us build influence and credibility with others. “We all have weaknesses. We know it. Others know it. The question is, “Do THEY know that WE know it!’” Too true! There’s strength that comes when we are our authentic selves and don’t cave in to the pressure of conforming to someone else’s ideal.

Ria shared a wonderful success tip for women: Be intentional about your own personal growth and development. I completely agree! It is so important! This will help you gain more leadership and influence with other people. Read books and watch training videos on leadership skills to keep growing.

Ria has just published her latest book, Leadership Gems for Women. You can seek her out as she tours the area for book signings and meet her in person. Or you can connect with her through her website or on LinkedIn.

Here’s a quote from her to leave you with that helped inspire her latest book:

Leaders are like diamonds, formed under pressure. And it’s the pressure that makes you stronger. No two are alike. They are rare. Don’t be afraid to shine bright in areas of strength. Work on weaknesses, most particularly weaknesses in character.

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