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Remarkable Women Podcast – Sonya Dalrymple

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Sonya Dalrymple is a Remarkable Woman currently living in Breckenridge, Colorado. She and her family have gypsy blood and have been traveling around the Western US for a few years now, living in the major cities and visiting most of the National Parks. She is an independent consultant with Arbonne, homeschools her three kids, and works with her husband in their business consulting company, giving them the freedom to be location independent. They enjoy the blended life of work and play and always look for ways to get outside to recharge.

Sonya has a passion for helping others and pointing them to the right solutions, be it around business, education, or especially health. She loves helping families make positive changes in their eating habits, and educating them on impacts on their bodies from sugar, dyes, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals which exist in our foods or skincare products.

Arbonne offers a 30 Days to Healthy Living program where she enjoys walking individuals through a plan to eat healthier and support their bodies as they gently detox. She’s seen many lives impacted from simple healthy changes and education about living healthy.

During our podcast, Sonya shares how she tackles the challenge of juggling different roles in the daily grind. We all have busy lives, and need to find ways to recharge – whether it is through exercise, time in nature, or waking up early to prepare emotionally and mentally before the day runs away with us. She tries to carve out regular time each week for herself to do those things, and it makes a difference in her energy and output.

Sonya offers a great piece of advice to remember in our professional and social lives:

Live and Work in Your Strengths

We tend to focus on our weaknesses for some reason, and especially as women, we often compare ourselves to others. Better to honestly embrace our own unique strengths and run with them! Life is more efficient, fun, and meaningful when we do.

Two books she recommends are:

which offer great motivation and inspiration for anyone seeking to go after something new or awesome.

You can contact Sonya on her website at sonyadalrymple.com and read more about their family’s adventures at freejourners.com. She’d love to hear from you!

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