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Remarkable Women Podcast: Stacie Berdan

stacie berdanStacie Berdan is a Remarkable Woman, currently residing in Connecticut. She has enjoyed a successful career as a Marketing & Communications Consultant, and now as a speaker and author of 7 books, but defines herself mostly as an Advocate.

Her passion for the positive impacts of globalization on our society and careers is so evident. I loved hearing about her journey and how she came to focus on this area.

During our Podcast, Stacie shares about growing up in a home with 8 children and how her father served as a role model for her to take a path less traveled. You can hear how that choice helped her solidify her belief and confidence in being true to herself – what she was made to do and become. And you’ll be surprised to learn when Stacie decided to take her first position internationally and how that experience in Hong Kong catapulted her entire career!

Stacie is so confident, and yet honest and real – I appreciated her sharing about her struggle in moving back to the US and how leaning on a colleague’s advice and support was the turning point, helping her to stay on board in her company.

Stacie is now an expert in helping people weather the transitions in and out of international experiences, whether in extended travel, study abroad or career roles. She knows what it takes to step into those new roles successfully and how to best utilize those experiences and skill sets. During this global economy age, you will appreciate hearing about which skills she has found to be most critical in working with people from all different cultures and backgrounds.

Her biggest piece of advice , especially for us women, will offer you freedom and focus – listen for it.

Stacie’s latest book will be released this March, but you can visit her website or Amazon to order all her past publications, including her first book, Get Ahead By Going Abroad. If you are planning to travel, study, or work abroad, be sure to read her works as they are an excellent guide to thrive in your experiences.

Favorite Resources

You may be surprised to hear what Stacie turns to most frequently as a resource. I don’t want to spoil it for you! Listen in at the end of our podcast for a source of wisdom for Stacie.

Connect with Stacie

Website: stacieberdan.com
Facebook: StacieBerdanInternationalCareersExpert
Twitter: @StacieBerdan

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