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Remarkable Women Podcast: Tammy Ferris

tammyTammy Ferris is a Remarkable Woman living in a farm town just outside of Hartford, Connecticut. Tammy is a mom of 3 kids and CEO of FounderShare, an organization that supports local businesses by making it easy and fun for people to shop locally. FounderShare also offers many opportunities for business owners to collaborate and support each other.

Tammy is passionate about many things. She really cares about the sustainable growth of local businesses and enjoys supporting their success.

One of the things Tammy cares most about is something I completely resonate with: empowering young women. When you listen to the podcast, you will hear what inspires Tammy to devote her time and energy towards helping women of all ages. She is intentional about the messages she gives her daughters and the time she devotes to targeting women through FounderShare.

During our interview, Tammy shares about a few unique challenges she has faced as a woman in the marketplace – everything from juggling home and business responsibilities to dealing with inappropriate responses from men.

At the end of our interview, Tammy shares an illustration that I will never forget. It is a concrete image on how to really choose to commit to making things happen.

Favorite Resources

Tammy shared two valuable resources, both of which I fully endorse as well:

Networking – Tammy tries to say yes as much as she can to coffee and lunch dates.

TedTalks – especially the following:

Connect With Tammy

Website: FounderShare.com
Facebook: FounderShare

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