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Remarkable Women Podcast – Yahrah St. John

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HeadshotYahrah St. John is a Remarkable Woman living in Orlando, FL. She is an accomplished author of 24 romance novels, both self-published and with Harlequin. She has been writing short stories, plays, and novels since she was twelve years old! Her writing career has complemented her 17 year career in Commercial Property Management to give her a perfect balance of financial freedom and creative pursuits.

I thoroughly enjoyed our interview, getting a behind-the-scenes look at the life and writing process of an author. Yahrah is passionate about her craft and spends a great deal of time, reading, going to book conferences, and networking with other authors to keep her inspiration and standards high. Because of her extensive experience, she is able to get her publishing time from idea to completion down to three months! Incredible!

Yahrah shares about the beginning of her writing journey, when she would spend weekend time with her family, as they were very religious. She began writing about all the things she wanted to do and imagined doing – her “fantasies” – like going to summer camp! This springboarded into a lifetime career of writing romance novels.

Her career has not been without challenges. When her mother passed away, and she was with a new publisher, she had to step back and think about why she had started writing and what she loved about it. She remembered that her mother would say, “Never give up,” and that helped her push through. She also sought out help from friends and colleagues who encouraged her to find a new agent, and she was able to continue writing again.

She recommends to all women that if they are ever in a tough situation, not to be afraid to seek out help from others. She was very grateful for those who came alongside her. She helps others as well, by offering self-publishing advice to help authors who would like to go that route but don’t know how.

Yahrah has a lot going on! She shoots for about 3-4 published books each year, and this year will have a “silver anniversary” with her 25th book coming out!

You can keep up with her latest news, find much inspiration and connect with Yahrah via her website. She has video trailers for many of her books and other video interviews of herself.

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