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RWOver the past few months, I’ve been writing about the origin story of Remarkable Women – what I’m doing with Remarkable Women, why I created Remarkable Women, and how I’m helping to connect remarkable women with one another. For the final part of this story, I want to delve deeper into the “when” of Remarkable Women.

When am I working on Remarkable Women? When am I making meaningful connections? What does this look like in my day-to-day professional world?

I am making connections when I’m giving talks and workshops at women’s business events. These include small gatherings of professional women, chambers of commerce, and any organization that wants to promote and support women’s successes. I talk to women about how to build meaningful connections and create physical, emotional, and mental spaces that allow them to reach their potential.

I also serve on the Valley Business Women Committee in my hometown, which organizes motivational luncheons for women in the Northern Shenandoah Valley. At these luncheons, the talk I give most often is about the “5 Levels of Connection” – my how-to guide to help women find ways to connect with each other.

In addition to formal speaking engagements, I make it my mission to network with as many people as possible. In fact, meeting someone new is the first level of connection. By networking, I’m opening myself up to new relationships – and new opportunities. I’ve met many of the remarkable women featured in this blog simply through casual conversation.

It is all too easy to let life get in the way of connections. But I think it’s up to all of us to allow space in our busy schedules for those connections to happen. That’s what I do on a daily basis. Whenever I come in contact with people, whether it’s through giving a workshop or waiting in line at the coffee shop, I’m always poised to make those meaningful connections happen.

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  1. You do have a wonderful way of connecting with people and they recognize your care and desire to help. So great that open opportunities come your way because of your leadership.

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