Unsupportive Friends – Really?

We all have them. They are in your circle. Hell, you even say she is a part of your tribe. You honestly think you couldn’t imagine having their friendship in your life. You do happy hours, you do weekend getaways you know all the stuff you would do with one of your BFF's. Then it… Continue reading Unsupportive Friends – Really?

Remarkable Women

The Art of Intentionally Building Relationships

I always meet the most fascinating women through my Remarkable Women podcast. These are people I admire, and they are excellent examples of how I want to live my life. One such person is Eileen Scully, a Remarkable Woman living on the beautiful and peaceful Cape Cod, Massachusetts.   Eileen is the founder of The… Continue reading The Art of Intentionally Building Relationships

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Remarkable Women Podcast – Ria Story

Ria Story is a Remarkable Woman living near Atlanta, GA. She and her husband are Motivational Speakers and love helping people learn how to communicate and influence others best. I thoroughly enjoyed our interview, taking away many quotes and nuggets of wisdom. Even just hearing the incredible story of her own personal journey was inspiring.… Continue reading Remarkable Women Podcast – Ria Story