Taking a Leap

taking a leap

If you’re new to this blog, you may not know the story behind Remarkable Women. You may not realize the full significance of what I’m doing here and why I do it.

You see, several years ago, I was at a very different stage in my life. I felt a void. I felt dissatisfied. But I couldn’t understand why. After all, I had advanced in my professional career, and I was raising a beautiful family.

After lots of reflection, I finally figured out where the emptiness came from. It was my constant searching for the next big thing – something new I could do at work, or some better position that I could go after.

I was like a one-track train without a destination. In short, I wasn’t actually getting anywhere.

And while I accomplished a lot in real estate and as a business owner for 11 years, I didn’t feel completely fulfilled, and I didn’t want to feel that way anymore. I didn’t really know what I was looking for, or what was even out there, because I had just stayed in my comfort zone.

So, I took a leap to allow possibility to feed my soul – and it started with something so simple: a casual meeting with a friend whose energy I loved. We met; she shared, and I listened. That one conversation opened my eyes to new possibilities, and it led me to creating a physical space – “a remarkable space” – where I could continue to explore my wants and needs (not what I should be doing, but what I actually desire to do).

Today, my remarkable space is my sanctuary. It’s adorned with the things I love, and it’s a true reflection of who I am. It’s bright, airy, and comfortable. It’s my corner of calmness when life gets crazy – the perfect setting for opening my mind to new ideas.

Little did I know, this remarkable space would be the beginning of a journey to something much bigger – and even a new life purpose.


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