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Remarkable Women Podcast: Tammy Bjelland

tammy bjellandTammy Bjelland. is a remarkable women who has made the journey from the world of academia into the entrepreneurial space.

She currently lives in Winchester, VA. after living abroad in Spain for a time. She owns a business, Language in Bloom, a learning solutions company that specializes in instructional and curriculum design and a task-based approach to talent development. It evolved from a language school to a learning solutions company serving both academic and business spheres.

During our podcast, Tammy shares some of the obstacles women face in their entrepreneurial journey. We talk a lot about money and pricing and the importance of having confidence in your monetary value.

Tammy is full of creative energy and has sought to grow in many ways. As a success tip, she suggests to find a very select few  female entrepreneurs whom we admire and could learn from, but whose work is not similar. We should reach out and make a connection.

Tammy cautions, though, to beware, especially with women to keep ourselves from falling into the comparison trap. Tammy even offers a short, free e-course called Imposter Syndrome Detox to help women from getting caught in that comparison trap.

I am always looking for inspiration and thoroughly loved hearing about where Tammy seeks out her own. You’ll have to listen to the Podcast to hear how she uses Unsplash as a daily source for inspiration! Tammy also enjoys watching The Profit, a series chronicling Marcus Lemonis, a savvy successful billionaire as he helps struggling entrepreneurs catalyze their businesses through capital and mentorship.

I think you will all enjoy listening to Tammy’s story and hearing her passion and drive for growth and impact.

Connect with Tammy

Website: Tammy
Twitter: @TammyBjelland
LinkedIn: tBjelland

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