Title Agency Consulting

I have worked in the real estate and title insurance business for a couple of decades. I have built business systems and set up title companies to be efficient and compliant in their operations.

Regardless of where you are at in your process, I can review your current agency setup and provide some recommendations. This includes:

  • Consulting new start-up title companies and law firms on setting up
  • Guiding you through your first successful audit
  • Service provider selection for title searches
  • Having successful monthly reconciliations
  • Automating your title company
  • Complying with ALTA Best Practices
  • Integrating production systems
  • Training your team on best practices and productivity
  • Generating a consistent pipeline of sales

I advise and help both title company owners and their team on how to grow and be efficient. Feel free to connect with me by filling out the form below, and we can explore how to increase your success. Thank you.

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