What To Do With Toxic Friendships

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Tammy Bjelland and I instantly connected as friends. We met professionally through our networks, but quickly found that we resonated in so many areas. We both love working with passionate, capable people, stretching our creativity, and making a difference in women’s lives. The more time we spend together, the deeper our connections grows. We especially love collaborating with each other on new ideas and vision for our growing businesses.

Tammy is “that friend” we all talk about having – she is reliable, supportive, caring, and brilliant! You just feel good being around her. You know, just easy. We talk about how chemistry is so important in a relationship with a man. Well, it is just as important with your girlfriends, and our chemistry is off the charts!

Tammy and I could talk for hours about a whole range of topics for women, personally and professionally. In this video, we discuss what to do with toxic friendships. Can we get better at identifying them earlier? And how can we gently bow out once we recognize their toxicity without causing any extra drama?

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on what has worked for you as well!

Click below to watch our YouTube Video:

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