Which Quotes Inspire You?

I made this video for you with some special girlfriends to share our favorite quotes and why we love them. It was a wonderful opportunity to hear what really inspires my friends, family, and colleagues.

I’ve found that most of us have a mantra we live out. Sometimes it’s for a lifetime, and sometimes just for a season. But these quotes express ideas and truths that help encourage us to go after big things in life or get through those hard times.

What is a quote you love right now? Why do you like it?

Here are just a couple from the video – be sure to watch to hear them all. And please share your own with all of us in the comments below!

“What if I fall?”
“But, my Darling, “‘What if you fly?'”

You’re never to old to dream a dream or set new goals.

Life is not a competition. Life is about helping and inspiring others.

I look forward to hearing your own!


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