Why Am I Doing This? Part 1: The Power of Connections

Power of Connections

In my last few posts, I’ve talked about my journey of self-exploration and how it led me to create Remarkable Women. Now, I want to talk more about my “why” – my reason for doing what I do.

I’m a very confident, goal-oriented person. But just like everyone else, I hit obstacles and glitches in life. We all have days or weeks like this, right?

Over time, I figured out the secret to overcoming those down moments and pushing towards those big dreams in life: connecting with people. I’ve noticed that I just feel so much stronger with the support of other women behind me.

During the hard times, I’ve learned to lean on my friends and colleagues for encouragement or creative ideas to get over the hump. That’s one reason I’ve loved being part of my community as a business owner; it’s given me unique opportunities to connect with remarkable women.

I’ve seen firsthand the incredible things that can happen if you have a supportive network of women. I want this for the important women in my life – my daughters, my friends, and all of you, and my passion for facilitating these connections comes from that desire.

If you’re wondering what the value is for you – especially if you are a busy, driven person and feel like connections are just one more thing to add to your calendar – I hope you will continue to read this blog and listen to my Remarkable Women podcast.

This is my “why.” I do this because I want to encourage you to devote time and effort to seeking out remarkable connections for yourself. Trust me, this is how we can change the world!

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