You Are Truly a Remarkable Woman


My definition of a “remarkable woman” is one who is an encourager – who empowers other women, who is authentic, who is a mentor, and who has the courage to take risks. Now, I don’t think you need all of these traits to be remarkable; in fact, even if you embody just one of these, I think that makes you remarkable.

This is a particularly important for me because I find that so many women are too quick to say they are not remarkable. I know this because I approach exceptional women often as potential subjects for my monthly Remarkable Women podcast. And it surprises me that many of them are hesitant because they do not see themselves as remarkable. They don’t feel like they have anything to talk about.

What I want all women to know is this: You are all remarkable! You don’t have to conform to the corporate definition of remarkable; you don’t have to be a high-powered businesswoman with a big job. You don’t have to experience this huge amount of success or win awards to be remarkable.

Being a mentor to your children makes you remarkable. Graduating from high school is remarkable. Surviving cancer is remarkable.

The women I interviewed for my podcast are all remarkable in different ways. They have included a yoga instructor, a mother, small business owner, an author, a realtor, a dream coach, a singer, and an entrepreneur. And you probably won’t be too surprised to find out that some of these are not mutually exclusive!

As women, we wear many hats. We’re constantly balancing work, family, and leisure We try to do it all, and sometimes that makes us feel like we’re not accomplishing anything. It can make us lose sight of all the positive, amazing things we do on a daily basis – things that seem ordinary but are really extraordinary.

I want you to know that anything you do that displays even one of the traits I mentioned earlier – empowerment, authenticity, mentorship, and courage – makes you a truly remarkable woman. And you shouldn’t be shy about touting it or talking about it!

I challenge you to look at your life objectively. Throw all your criticisms and judgments of yourself out the window, and find all the ways that you are remarkable. And once you know what they are, sing them from the rooftops.

I’d love to hear what makes you a truly remarkable woman!

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